To our valued clients,


At Aradia Fitness we take great pride in not only providing fun, effective & unique fitness classes… but also in fostering a strong, empowered community of humans here in the Triangle. We look forward to each class we teach and cherish the smiles, milestones & laughter we share with all of you in the studio. We pride ourselves on providing a safe, supportive place for persons of all ages, shapes and fitness levels to feel Strong.Fit.Confident. with us!

As we look back at the last few years, we are continually amazed at the amount of support our community has given back to us. Navigating the challenges of COVID-19 shut-downs, restrictions, and constantly adapting to unexpected changes has been an experience we have shared together. While the pandemic is not over, we feel our community has reached a point where we can breathe a little easier (no pun intended!) and navigate our new day-to-day with a bit more confidence.

At the same time, the financial burdens of operating a fitness center during COVID-19 shut-downs & restrictions has been a difficult one to bear. At Aradia Fitness, we have invested an enormous amount of time & resources over the last two and a half years into providing the safest environment possible for each of you. Along with this, we (as well as small businesses everywhere) have already begun to feel the effects of nationwide inflation & rising costs of operation. We have done our best to maintain the class rates you have enjoyed since 2018 (the last time we had a class price increase) but find it challenging to do so in the current state of our economy.

After careful consideration, Aradia Fitness will be introducing a slight price increase to most of our class services effective July 1, 2022.

These modifications will allow us to continue offering you the quality class instruction, amazing spaces to move in, and top-notch equipment to train on. Our goal has always been to keep classes at Aradia Fitness as reasonable & accessible as possible and we are confident that our team will continue to offer you the exceptional experiences you have come to know & love!






Drop-in Class: Increase from $18 to $20

4 Class Pack: Increase from $60 to $70

8 Class Pack: Increase from $104 to $120

12 Class Pack: Increase from $120 to $150

Group Fitness Membership: Increase from $34.99/m to $39.99/m

Clients currently enrolled in a Group Fitness membership will have their monthly rate automatically increased beginning with their next billing date in JULY. We will allow for early/no penalty cancelations of GF Memberships prior to the July billing date – however clients who wish to do so MUST EMAIL BY FRIDAY JUNE 24.



Drop-In Class: Increase from $23 to $25

4 Class Pack: Increase from $72 to $88

8 Class Pack: Increase from $128 to $144

12 Class Pack: Increase from $168 to $192



$300 / month



Base Rate/5 Person Rate Increase from $125 to $140

Additional Per Person Increase from $15 to $20



To make these changes a little sweeter for those of you who have been with us for the long haul… we will be having a CLASS CREDIT BLOWOUT SALE between now and the end of June! You can purchase as many class credits as you like AT THE CURRENT PRICING and have ONE YEAR to use your credits.


In addition to class price increases, we will also be introducing a few operational changes beginning July 1, 2022:

  • All pole class lengths will increase from 45-minutes to 60-minutes
  • All Intro, Pole 1, Beginner Pole, Pole 2, Pole 3, and Intermediate Pole classes will return to a student max capacity of two (2) persons to a pole
  • All Pole 4, Pole 5, Advanced Pole, and Specialty Pole Topic classes will remain at one (1) person to a pole
  • All Fitness and Aerial classes will remain at 45-minute class lengths
  • All Aerial classes will remain at one (1) person to an apparatus
  • All Fitness classes will return to max capacity
  • Livestream classes will have no change in price
  • A new time schedule will roll out in July to reflect these changes
  • We will no longer require masks to be worn by staff or clients while inside the studio (effective immediately). It will remain your individual choice to mask up for class (or not); however we strongly encourage unvaccinated persons to wear a mask out of respect for their classmates. Please continue to monitor your own health and remain at home if you are feeling under the weather or have been exposed to a sick person.



We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we roll out these changes at Aradia Fitness. While we do not enjoy implementing rate changes, we do so confidently knowing that we will be able to continue providing you with the experience you have come to know and love at Aradia Fitness!

Thank you for trusting us with your health and fitness needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them directly to management by email at We appreciate that you continue to choose to be a part of the Aradia Fitness community and we look forward to spending even more time sharing our movement journeys together.


Many smiles,

Dakota Fox, Janine Cooper & The Aradia Fitness Team