Each of these structured sessions gives our students a solid foundation in Lyra (Aerial Hoop).  Students must attend at least twelve (12) classes of each level before being eligible to advance to the next level.

Lyra L1

This class is recommended for beginners. This is the perfect start for people who wants to get into aerial hoop dance or for the ones who just want to have an exciting fun experience with their fitness. Students will gain basic unique flexibility, strength and body awareness required for hoop. Learn basic techniques of various movements on the hoop, proper spin, safety, different ways to get in and out of apparatus and simple combos. Exercises on the ground will be present to help gain flexibility and strength. Pre-requisite to attend Lyra L1 is completion of at least one “Intro to Aerials” class or instructor approval. Students must attend a minimum of twelve (12) classes of Lyra L1 prior to eligible to “Level Up”.

Lyra L2

This class is for intermediate Lyra students who have mastered the basic moves on the Lyra and have demonstrated adequate strength and flexibility to move around on the apparatus. At this level, students will begin to build on their skills by learning more moves, gaining strength and endurance and developing the experience to start identifying how moves can be connected in fluid ways. Pre-requisite to attend Lyra L2 is completion of at minimum twelve (12) Lyra L1 classes and an instructor assessment. Students must attend a minimum of twelve (12) classes of Lyra L2 prior to eligible to “Level Up”.

Lyra L3

This class is for advanced level students looking to solidify technique, musicality, and movement quality. Students will work on more dynamic moves and complex combos. Flexibility and strength will move to a greater level. Ability to improvise and create routines will be developed as well. Pre-requisite to attend Lyra L3 is completion of at minimum twelve (12) Lyra L2 classes and an instructor assessment.

For safety reasons, ARADIA FITNESS REQUIRES ALL STUDENTS TO PASS AN ASSESSMENT WITH AN INSTRUCTOR PRIOR TO ADVANCING TO THE NEXT LEVEL.  Taking at least one class per week (if not more) will help you progress faster than taking classes infrequently (your frequency will determine how many classes you may need to reach the strength to assess to the next level) . Students are welcome to attend any Silks or Lyra level class at their current approved level or any lower level.

** IMPORTANT ** First-time aerial students must begin with an “Intro to Aerials” class.  After completion of your Intro class, you will then be eligible to attend any Silks L1 or Lyra L1 on the schedule. During your first class, your instructor will give you an overview of how clients can progress through their aerial journey at Aradia Fitness!

Clients who are a first-time visitor to Aradia Fitness, but already have aerial experience, should email us at Contact Us prior to your first class for a consultation & level placement. We welcome aerial enthusiasts from near & far to train with us at Aradia Fitness! Also, if you’ve had more than a 2 month break from aerial, you may want to level down for just a few classes to ensure your strength is still on pace for your current level. Pre-registration is required for all Classes and Sessions.

Pre-registration is required for all Classes and Sessions.