Let’s be honest. You can work out just about anywhere. So you may ask – Why Aradia Fitness?

We think health & fitness is a relationship just like many others in your life. Bear with us for a few moments here… Relationships can be easy and they can be what you *think* they are supposed to look like… but do the relationships in your life push you to be the best version of yourself?

👩🏽‍💻 Career?
If it came down to it, you can get a job in pretty much anything. Some jobs may pay more than others. Some jobs may have better hours or shifts, or may be closer to home.

👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Love life?
Some partners may look better than others… some may even come with fancier perks & amenities. Some may look better on paper or be younger/older/whatever you *think* society thinks is “right” for you.

💃🏻Social scene?i
Your days of strobe lights, dark rooms and flowing drinks may be over. Or maybe they are just get started. The friends you’ve know for years don’t know or “get” that secret side of you… but you’ve been friends for so long, it seems somehow *wrong* to add a new social circle to your life. Or maybe the same old outings with the same familiar faces isn’t quite enough to meet your needs.

🥱 State of mind?
You’re going through the motions each day. You do what you think you are *supposed* to do, wear what you *think* you should wear… and still feel, in some way, that some untapped potential in you is scratching at the door, begging to explored.

At Aradia Fitness, we believe in the cheesy – we want to be more than just *another* gym out there. We don’t want to be just another  on your “been there, don’t that” list. Want to be so much MORE.

Our staff are people just like you, many of whom started out as clients. They invest their time, energy & hearts into each & every class. Investing in a class with us gets you so much more than a workout.

Our class sizes are small, and our studio is boutique sized, because we thrive on that personal connection with our clients.

We don’t want you to be just another face in the crowd. We want to create an experience for you… one that nourishes your body, heart and mind 💕 We want to join you in defying barriers, stereotypes and that makes you retreat instead of blossoming with newfound confidence & purpose.

We want to welcome you with open arms 🤗 just as you are, into our little community of incredible humans… individuals who, like you, are looking for something *more* in your life.

More fun.
More invigorating.
More healing.
More transformative.
More life-changing.
More you.

We want to be your next new relationship.

We are waiting for you. Are you to learn how to become MORE with Aradia Fitness?