As we enter late fall & winter, we have been anticipating that further state mandates & restrictions would be coming. Under the latest Executive Order from Governor Cooper, indoor mass gatherings are now limited to only 10 persons again. However, this mandate applies to each individual room of a public place or business.

Our current COVID Safety Plans & Procedures were put together during August with the purpose to err on the side of caution. We have already been, and will continue to, operate under these gathering limits:

  • Our pole classes are limited to 9 persons max, including the instructor.
  • Our aerial classes are limited to 6 persons max, including the instructor.
  • Class start times will continue to be staggered so as the limit the amount of people arriving & leaving in the same time periods.
  • Masks are still mandatory for all indoor classes.
  • We will continue to hold fitness classes outdoors, since many of those involve high aerobic activity.

View our “Welcome Back” video at the following link for a short tour & introduction of how we are operating during the pandemic:

Personal training and private lessons remain available by request.

Work one-on-one with Dakota or Janine… indoors, outdoors, or via Zoom! Email for pricing & scheduling.

Our virtual options also remain a wonderful alternative to those who are wary of small group interactions. You can still squeeze your Aradia time in!

  • We offer several livestream classes each day, both pole & fitness topics.
  • Did you know we leave the livestream links active for 24 hours? This means once the livestream is over, the video will be archived.
  • Don’t let the class start time get in the way of your movement goals! Sign up as usual and you can take the class when it fits your schedule so long as it is within the 24 hour window.

Many livestream classes are slowly being added to our on-demand class platform, usually a few weeks after class was held.

Subscribe for the online platform for access to over 100 classes that you stream when you want, where you want! Our On-Demand class platform can be accessed at:

As always, we take the safety of our staff & clients seriously

We remain confident in providing the safest and most conscientious environment possible given the circumstances… and plenty of alternative options to still motivate & guide you on your movement journey. Email management anytime at triangle@aradiafitness.com. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have, provide further safety details, or assist you with getting started or signed up!


Thank you to all of our community members who have continued to support Aradia Fitness since March.

It has been a challenging and tough year for fitness studio owners everywhere. We wouldn’t still be here without of all you. Your patience & understanding through the constant pivots, changes, and modifications is deeply appreciated. We know the next year or so will continue to be challenging and full of unexpected changes, possibly even more shut-downs. Our sights remain on the future and planning for as many possible roadblocks that might come our way.

It takes a village and all of YOU are our village.

While the future remains uncertain, the strength & support from our community continues to inspire & drive us.

With love, glitter, & unicorn kisses,

Dakota & Janine, Aradia Fitness Triangle Studio Owners